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About Artema

Artema Company backed by 10 years’ experience in ceramic industrial and use of last modern technology and materials with high quality and also with experienced experts help produces glazed porcelain mosaics.
The company`s product lines are around to the Goldis company, and by use of the technical services and engineering of Goldis company produces these products.
Artema Company was put into operation with separate legal personality and co-ownership with Goldis Company, the management team operation in this company is independent of Goldis company`s management team.
Artema Company produces high quality products and offers professional services and differentiation in the supply of products for achieve market leader ship.
Artema Company as a member of Goldis mosaic industrial group since 2016 founded for producing and providing specialized pool products.

  • Market leadership ( becoming the customer`s first choice in pools mosaic`s market )
  • Growth in market share in target markets
  • Development of export share from total sales
  • Share more of the cost of the implementation of pool`s projects with development of range of offered products and customer requirements service
  • Sustainable growth: settlement of requirement systems for promoting the stability of process by using last technology achievements and modern technical knowledge and distinction.
  • Providing specialized needs of pool projects
  • Providing all specialized requirements of implementation of residential, athletic, commercial and pleasure pools projects with highest quality and lowest price for creation beautiful, safe and completely hygienic milieu with long life span and presence in local and export market to become first customer`s choice and top brand.
  • Quality: Quality in Artema company is efficacious when from customer`s viewpoint Artema has been the first choice in all of fields below :
  • Cost/accessibility/quality of services/ having international standards/ the apparent superiority/ coincide with art and nature/ maintainable and life span/ brand reputation.
  • Innovation: Offering a wide range of products for achievement to market leadership. Innovation in products to fulfill customer`s expectations continuously is one of the tools for sustainable development. In this regard, close relationship between suppliers and domestic and foreign manufacturers and also continuous presence with customers are very affective. Introduction and supply of new products by integrated system and effectiveness in shortest time possible will be influences in accordance with preset programs. Exploitation from last industrial achievements is very important for innovating in products and services.
  • Porcelain mosaics ( 2.5×2.5 – hexagonal – 5×5 – 10×10 – 5×10 – 2.5×5 – 12.5×25)
  • Porcelain ceramics (30×30 – 20×20)
  • Decorative ceramic tableau
  • Anti Slip mosaics
  • Relief mosaics
  • Chemical products for building (adhesive for tiling, joint`s material, materials to lag and to caulk etc.)
  • Special parts of the pool
  • Channel coverings
  • Watercourse
  • Accessory and peripheral equipment
  • Additives and washing material
  • To provide technical proposal
  • Design of customer`s spaces
  • Implementation services
  • Monitor the implementation


A wide range of audiences are in Artema`s customer`s list. Residential, commercial, athletic and pleasure and also municipal and public places projects are in our products customer`s category. You can see a number of our customers in the picture slide below.